Clinic & Masterclass

Composition, Arranging, Orchestration

An open discussion of the process of composing a piece of music and how to approach developing a small fragment into a full work for any size ensemble (trio ranging to big band).  Arranging for big band requires knowledge of instrument ranges, transpositions, timbre and technical considerations and traditional and modern big band voicing techniques.  Piano skills are highly recommended.  


(Including all instruments) Demonstration and discussion of concepts including building jazz vocabulary, scales and chords and approaches to practicing improvisation.  Other topics include: compositional approaches to improv, motivic development and melodic, rhythmic, harmonic restrictions on your improvisation.  

Brass Techniques

(Including all brass and wind instruments) Building a firm foundation of air stream, tone production, flexibility and sound projection is essential to the brass player.  Techniques and approaches to practicing are demonstrated and tailored for ultimate benefit of all levels of experience.   

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